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  • Which program is right for me? Therapy or Coaching?
    Coaching helps you uncover past challenges, but focuses on helping you achieve your future goals, while therapy helps you heal from your past and is a better starting point if you need assistance healing from unresolved trauma. Coaching is a great addition to therapy.
  • How can I work with you one-on-one?
    The coaching program does not come with one-on-one time. The only way to work with me one-on-one is during therapy sessions. However, at the time, I am not accepting new therapy clients. I encourage you to join the Motherhood Redefined Community Facebook group . I am active within the community and eager to answer your questions.
  • Are all sessions and workshops virtual?
    Yes, all coaching and therapy sessions are virtual.
  • Why is an application required?
    To achieve maximum results in each cohort, ensuring every participant is ready and committed is a huge necessity. I do not want you to invest in the program if you are not ready.
  • I am not a mom yet; will this be right for me?
    Unfortunately, no, my programs are best for pregnant, postpartum, or parenting moms who have a clear understanding of what they want to focus on.
  • Do you offer payment plans? And am I able to cancel after the first month?
    Yes. Payments can be broken up into three monthly payments and is an option for clients who are not able to pay in full. However even with a payment plan, there are no refunds, and all payments are required to be paid in full. When joining the coaching program, you are agreeing to a 3-month commitment.
  • Why is there a 3-month commitment?
    At Motherhood Redefined we believe it takes 90 days to receive maximum results and create a sustainable habit.
  • How much time will I have to invest to the program?
    You can work at your own pace! You will have access to each module weekly and group coaching calls will occur every Wednesday at 7 pm EST. However, I suggest committing at least an hour a day to implementing what you learn.
  • I have more questions, can you help?"
    Sure, while I cannot address specific questions about your mental health or needs, please send questions related to program offers to
  • Business Hours...
    Monday 8AM- 3PM Tuesday 8AM- 3PM Wednesday 8AM- 3PM Thursday 8AM- 3PM Friday Closed Saturday Closed Sunday Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

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