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Let's be honest, navigating Black modern motherhood can be challenging. We often question our priorities, feel the societal pressure to be perfect, and experience a constant tug of war between our passion and our obligations. Words such as frustration and overwhelm are becoming all too familiar but it's time you create a new reality.


Led by our Founder, The Redefined Moms Collective is a free online and IRL community for ambitious Black moms seeking personal growth, meaningful connections, and guidance on centering wellness in their daily lives. It's important for women to have a brave space to share our unique motherhood experiences. It's our hope that this community provides you with what you need to take care of yourself no matter where you are on your  journey.

So, if you've struggled to find community, or desire a judgment-free space to have candid conversations about motherhood and mental health, join us, and connect with other women committed to reaching their goals, becoming their best selves, and creating lives they love.