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Welcome, to your brave space for healing, authenticity, and self-care.


The Redefined Moms Collective is an inclusive community holding space for unapologetic moms seeking personal growth, meaningful connection, and guidance on prioritizing self-care.  


Too often, women martyr themselves to motherhood out of guilt and the fear of being seen as selfish. But, recognizing and honoring our needs in motherhood gives us the space to become better mothers by allowing us to step into our power while teaching our children the importance of practicing self love. 


The Redefined Moms Collective is committed to encouraging black women and allies to take up space, find their voice and reclaim their identity within motherhood. Here you can find your tribe by connecting through our online support groups, IRL meetups, and wellness retreats all centered on the realities of modern moms.

So, if you are seeking an accountability partner, or desire a judgment-free space to have candid conversations about motherhood and maternal mental health, join us, and connect with other moms committed to reaching their goals, becoming their best selves, and prioritizing self care in their everyday lives. 

Meet your new tribe!