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You deserve to do more than just survive Motherhood; you deserve to thrive!

Is your internal voice telling you to do more? Do you feel like you’re always expected to be strong? Are you tired of feeling pressured to push your needs and well-being to the side so that you can carry the mental and emotional labor of your family? Do any of these resonate with you? If so, you’re in the right place and we can help!

We understand that motherhood can sometimes be chaotic and we are here to offer you a compassionate space to take off your cape, be vulnerable, and prioritize your needs as both a woman and mom.

Therapeutic services

Redefining Motherhood: Changing the Narrative, Embracing Your Own Path

We utilize culturally responsive practices with evidence based modalities to help moms move from surviving to thriving as they unlearn social expectations, ditch the overwhelm, and break unhealthy patterns that are weighing them down.  



Strengths based and trauma focused sessions with the goal of helping moms identify and change troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. 



Therapist led group sessions designed to educate moms about mental health challenges, symptoms, and effective ways to cope. 



A multi-day self care experience designed to create space for moms to dive deep, prioritize wellness, and rejuvenate from the inside out.



My name is Alexa Young

I help ambitious women prioritize their mental health so they can navigate motherhood confidently, enjoy the present, and reject the narrative of self-sacrifice society has given.


In a world that prioritizes hustle over rest, productivity over peace, and output over joy, being "supermom" is something we've all been pressured to become. But, it's time to take off our capes and unlearn everything that we've been taught.


You don’t have to be selfless to the point of depletion. Allow me to support you as you heal old wounds and ditch the “do it all” narrative that is burning you out. o

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Here’s what makes working with me different…

I relate to what you're experiencing because like you, I'm in the trenches of motherhood.

I hold advanced degrees

in Psychology and Social Work and a certification in Perinatal Mental Health.

I center the lived experiences of women of color, with a primary focus on Black mothers.

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Thriving in motherhood doesn’t have to be complicated and prioritizing your well-being is both brave and beneficial.  

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